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My Taste Testers, I need your help again!  I have 10+ recipes I am testing and that is where you come in!  I have ONE BOX to taste (all recipes are included in the taste tester boxes this time around).   **You may purchase only ONE box; assuming you are able to taste all cinnamon roll varieties and submit within the week of pickup.   ***Freshness of rolls is best if tried within a few days, or you may freeze them.   Keep in mind there are many various foods such as nuts, gluten, dairy,  bacon and more that are in the rolls so do NOT purchase if you have food allergies.  I have a limited quantity available.  Pickup is Friday, Sept. 10 or Saturday, Sept. 11th. Surveys are due in by Thursday, Sept. 16    Each person MUST agree to complete the donut survey in order to be eligible to purchase as these are primarily for testing purchase.   THANK YOU SO MUCH!



Taste Tester CINNAMON ROLL Boxes are now available… Each box will have a big variety of different flavored cinnamon recipes I am testing out.  ***expect 10-12 different cinnamon roll recipes

NOTE:  because this is a TASTE TEST, the cinnamon rolls will be frozen and thawed the morning of pickup to accomodate the taste test however, should any of these become a regular product, they will be made fresh per order.

***IN ORDER TO PURCHASE, you must be able and willing to try and submit survey on the CINNAMON ROLLS you tasted in a SHORTER period than the other taste tests (pickup is on 9/10-9/11 and surveys are due no later than Thursday, 9/16). If that sounds doable for you, then I would be happy to include you!  Make it a family activity!

NOTE:  keep in mind that cinnamon rolls are best FRESH so anything beyond a few days later will not taste as moist or fresh.  However, you can freeze the entire box when you get them home, and thaw out the morning you want to try one, either all of them in a oven safe pan, or one at a time thawed and warmed in microwave.

LIMIT:   ONE box per customer .

As before….this is how TASTE TESTER BOXES work:

*NO Customization of boxes is allowed.  All boxes are one of each cinnamon roll to taste.

*You agree to try a bite of each cinnamon roll (or do it with the family or date night activity and make it a fun activity)

*You agree to submit short survey no later than Thursday, Sept. 16th

*All Cinnamon Rolls will be labelled so you know which one is which

*PICKUP of CINNAMON ROLLS is available Friday, September 10th & Saturday, September 11th (9am-7pm).  Emails for choosing a pickup time will be emailed out by Wednesday, September 8th.

***in your email confirming your pickup times, you will receive a google link for you to complete the survey.

**Keep in mind these cinnamon rolls are made in kitchen with nuts, and other various allergens/ingredients.  Do not purchase if you have ANY food allergies.  I am not able to do custom boxes as this is a taste testing and all boxes are the same for my testing purposes.

Cost:  $25 per box.  

Pickup is in Yorkville, IL.  Address pickup information is emailed to you a few days prior to pickup.

PICKUP/RETURN POLICY: by Placing this order you acknowledge our pickup/return policy.  All orders are gone over very thoroughly before and after packaging for inspection before we give to you.   Once you pick up (porch or face-to-face)  the order is out of my hands.  I am not responsible for any issues with cookies on front porch.  There are absolutely no returns/exchanges. Since it is out of our control once order leaves our home bakery, there are absolutely NO refunds or exchanges for any reason.  By placing this order, you acknowledge this.

Thank you for your support!

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Pickup Date

Friday, September 10th, Saturday, September 11th


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