Cookie & Sweet Treats Countdown Calendars


Cookie Countdown Calendars are BACK this year and available for Pre-Order!  This year I have 3 options.  Click on listing to view descriptions.

Very Limited Quantity!  Each mini cookie or sweet treat is 2-2.25″ in size, and both options include this beautiful boxed packaging.  Up tp TWO(2) Cookie Flavors may be chosen for Cookie Calendars.  All cookies are individually heat sealed for freshness through month.  No shipping available.




THEY ARE BACK -Countdown Calendars!  This year I have 3 Options and I think you will like them!!  Each calendar has a number for the day you are counting down.  Easy access to open and a surprise on each day!

  1. 12 Days of Christmas COOKIES – All decorated cookies.  Choice of 2 cookie flavors divided. Cookies are all heat sealed.  You can freeze the 2nd half until you need them also.  Choice of flavors:  Vanilla, Chocolate Chip, Caramel Snickerdoodle or Hot Cocoa. If you purchased last year…some new designs are included in this year’s version.  COST:   $33  ($30 Early Bird Pricing before 7/15)
  2. 12 Days of Christmas SWEET TREATS  – These are all handmade sweet treats with 4 different types included (3 of each) including – 2″ M&M cookies; freshly made Gumdrops; Peppermint Chocolate Pretzels; Spritz cookie trees or other shapes; and Holiday Chocolate Peanut Clusters (photos are shown in listing). NOTE:  may possibly add 2 more treats TBD. Some days the chocolate may be white chocolate; some with milk chocolate and any applicable decorations.  All treats are heat seal wrapped.   COST:  $25   ($28 after 7/14)
  3. 24 Days of Christmas COOKIES & SWEET TREATS – This calendar is ideal for the person who wants all 24 days of cookies & treats.  NOTE:  I am not doing 24 days of cookies only.   COST:  $50  ($55 after 7/14)

NOTE:  please choose the type you want carefully before clicking SUBMIT as, due to nature of this preorder, they sell fast and would not be able to change what you ordered.  Thank you for understanding!


*12 Days of Cookies- Friday, Dec. 10 & Saturday, Dec. 11th

*12 Days of Sweet Treats – Friday, Dec. 10 & Saturday, Dec. 11th

*24 Days (12 days of cookies & 12 days of sweet treats)- Tuesday, Nov. 30th

NOTE:  I cannot do early pickup for the 12 Days version so if you are ordering both types you will need to pick them up on the different dates.

Very limited quantity due to this very special advent calendar packaging availability!!!

Pickup location: Yorkville IL
No shipping is available.

ALLERGEN INFO:  All cookies have gluten, dairy, eggs.  Some treats also include soy, tree nuts and chocolate over baked good.  Please do not purchase if your child(ren) have these.

PICKUP/RETURN POLICY: by Placing this order you acknowledge our pickup/return policy.  All orders are gone over very thoroughly before and after packaging for inspection before we give to you.   Once you pick up (porch or face-to-face) you will need to verify order is as you ordered.  If you pick up and it is not satisfactory you will need to return before leaving.  Once you leave premises, there are absolutely no returns/exchanges. Since it is out of our control once order leaves our home bakery, there are absolutely NO refunds or exchanges for any reason.  By placing this order, you acknowledge this.


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Pickup Date

Tuesday, November 30th (24 Days), Friday, December 10th (12 Days), Saturday, December 11th (12 Days)

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