October DONUTS


Baked Donuts are now available this season on specified pickup dates!  Each month the donut flavors may change.  Available by the half dozen, choice to choose up to 3 flavors per box.  See the additional information for more specified description of each donut.



Many of you participated in the Taste Testing DONUT box and WOW were you pleased with the donuts!  I am so happy to say I am offering Baked Donuts this fall-winter season!

Each month I will offer a variety of flavors, with available pickup dates.

OCTOBER Donuts now available for pre-order:

Banana Bread – mashed bananas and cinnamon for base and rolled with a cinnamon sugar base.

Cinnamon Roll –this donut is rolled similar to a cinnamon roll and topped with a vanilla glaze

Coffee Cake – moist cinnamon coffee cake inspired cake with a streusel topping and vanilla glaze.

Pumpkin Spice -soft and moist pumpkin spice based donut with a pumpkin sugar cinnamon spice coating.

Vanilla Chai – a wonderful combination of chai spices in vanilla based donut with vanilla chai glaze

*Made fresh for pickup

*All donuts are baked, not fried

*Available by the HALF dozen

*UP TO 3 flavors available per box


*Fri, Oct. 8

*Sat, Oct 9

*Tues, Oct 12

**Keep in mind these donuts are made in kitchen with nuts, and other various allergens/ingredients.  Do not purchase if you have ANY known food allergies.

Cost:  $15 per HALF Dozen box

Pickup is in Yorkville, IL.  Address pickup information is emailed to you a few days prior to pickup.

CONTAINS: wheat, eggs, milk.  Additional ingredients per each recipe.  Individual list of ingredients for each flavor is available upon request.   Product is made ina  home kitchen not subject to public health inspecitions that may also process common allergens.

PICKUP/RETURN POLICY: by Placing this order you acknowledge our pickup/return policy.  All orders are gone over very thoroughly before and after packaging for inspection before we give to you.   Once you pick up (porch or face-to-face)  the order is out of my hands.  I am not responsible for any issues with cookies on front porch.  There are absolutely no returns/exchanges. Since it is out of our control once order leaves our home bakery, there are absolutely NO refunds or exchanges for any reason.  By placing this order, you acknowledge this.

Thank you for your support!

Additional information

Donut FLAVOR #1

Banana Bread, Coffee Cake, Cinnamon Roll, Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla Chai

Pickup Date

Tues, Oct 12, Thurs, Oct 14, Fri, Oct 15

Donut FLAVOR #2

Banana Bread, Coffee Cake, Cinnamon Roll, Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla Chai

Donut FLAVOR #3

Banana Bread, Coffee Cake, Cinnamon Roll, Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla Chai


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