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Welcome to Forget Me Not Cookie’s new blog and first blog post!  I am so excited to have you join me here while I share commonly requested topics that I hear from my customers, my friends, my fellow moms and followers. Grab that cup of coffee and enjoy!

Today I decided to pick a topic I get asked so often…how do I get my royal icing to work for me?  What tips can I share?  Friends…this is absolutely and positively possible to get your icing to work for you!  It just takes a little time to practice, some patience (and more and more), some great tools and some basic tips I have outlined below.

HAVE A RELIABLE ROYAL ICING RECIPE you use. – it is important to find a recipe that works good for you. I suggest just taking an afternoon and make a few batches; practice thinning your icing and piping onto your cookie to see what consistency works for you.  I created my e-book “Simply Unforgettable Sugar Cookies” where I share my sugar cookie with a BONUS- reliable royal icing recipe.  It has worked for me.  You are welcome to check it out!  CLICK HERE for more information!  Most royal icing recipes use either pasteurized egg whites (my preference) or meringue powder.  My icing adapts to either of these ingredients.

MIXER- It is possible to make your icing with a hand-held mixer however if you plan to make icing on a regular basis, or will be doubling your recipe, I would suggest using a Kitchen Aid Mixer!  I have two of them and use them both!  I can fit two double recipes in this one!  I love how quiet my mixers are as well!

DON’T OVERMIX so often I hear people tell me they have so many air bubbles in their icing.  That is NOT fun!  For one, when adding your colors, you want it to sit overnight (24 hours) as any air bubbles you get will rise to surface and are easy enough to pop.  But, to eliminate a many as possible, have your speed on low when you mix in your ingredients , and limit the length of time you mix.  It will go from a beige color to a bright white.  That is an indicator your icing is ready.  It should come out of your mixer quite stiff.  Try to shake it off the blade and it is not going anywhere! After I add all ingredients I will use my spatula (I love these Colored Silicone Spatulas) to scrape the sides of the bowl to put in separate bowls.

USE A SPRAY BOTTLE when thinning icing – One tip I found very helpful when I first started making my icing many years ago, was to limit the amount of water I added to my icing or the consistency was too thin.  Icing too thin will simply fall off your cookies.  Just spray a few squirts at a time until you get the consistency that works for you.  Check out this Stainless Steel Spray Bottle – it really helps!  I use a few specifically designated  for icing.

I hope these tips helped you when making your royal icing.  I would love for you to check out myE-Book and join our exclusive e-book group where we post video tutorials on making your icing.

In the meantime, STAY SWEET FRIENDS!  I look forward to sharing more posts in the future!

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