I am happy to share a few tips to get that “Simply Unforgettable Sugar Cookie” for you!  Have you ever tried to no avail to get an even rolled out sugar  cookie yet they come out of the oven puffy, oversized, or just not uniform?  I sure did, before I finally came upon the best one ever!  Read below for some tips to help you out.   I have also included affiliate links for some of the products that have helped me make the experience Simply Unforgettable!

TOOLS – for me I found that having the right tools definitely helps.  I use a few rolling pins that helped get me a consistent rolled out sugar cookie.  It has pins on it that allow me to also change the thickness of my cookie.  I prefer either the 1/4″ or 3/8″ cookie, depending on who is eating them and what I am decorating.  Check out my Rolling Pin here.

I also use something called a fondant spreader.  Basically, once I take my cookies out of the oven, confirm that they are baked fully, I take my fondant spreader and basically ‘iron’ across my cookies.  It keeps them even, no bubbles and basically just the way I like them!  Check out my Fondant Spreader here.

TEMPERATURE – I found over the years that temperature has a LOT to do with a good end-result for my cookies.  Not only is it important to have the right temperature before you make your batter, but it matters the temperature before you roll out and before you cut out cookies, as well as before you put them in oven. Thawing butter and eggs at room temperature for an hour before I make the batter is an important step to startt  My Simply Unforgettable E-Book includes tips on this.  Get your copy here 

TIMING – testing out your oven with an oven timer is important to know the reliability of your oven temperature, how long it takes to make a batch of cookies IN YOUR OVEN.  If you do not have a good oven thermometer you can get yours HERE.  Once you test out the temperature of your oven, it will help give you a starting point of how long to bake your cookies, depend on if you do a 1/4″-3/8″ cookie thickness.  In my oven it takes 12-15 minutes for a 1/4″ cookies; and 15-18 minutes for a 3/8″ cookie.

I hope these tips helped you to get going!  If you would like tips from batter to baked cookies, then be sure to get your Simply Unforgettable Sugar Cookies E-book here.  You will also get an invite to join our E-book members private group, where I share live tutorials on baking, making icing and decorating cookies each month.

Have a SWEET day!