Sweet Hello Friends!

Thanks for stopping by this sweet blog of mine!   I am so excited to share so much about life, FUN and Cookies in this SWEET spot!

I thought it would be good if I introduced myself to all of you! I would love to have you comment below and share a little about yourselves as well!

1. First and foremost-I am mom to 3 beautiful daughters, ages 18, 22 and 25.  Yes, they are not babies anymore but life as a mom with grown children still keeps me busy!  One is newly married; one graduates high school this season and one is currently in beauty college.  Yes, they keep me on my toes and always exciting to see what lies ahead!  So many blessings to be grateful for!

2.  Sweet, dear hubster and I met in our late 20’s through a personal ad-yep, it worked for us!  We just celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary this past January and look forward to life as we journey it together.

3. My LOVES….coffee and sweets!  🙂  I love to create, to bake cookies, macaroons, cakes and anything I can make for others while sipping a good cup of coffee.  It is all a labor of love for me!

4. My background and degrees I worked towards is hotel/restaurant management with hospitality management. My career prior to baking was as a wedding/event planner which I loved but life with my loves (hubster and kiddos) had me away more than what worked for our family.  I meshed my two loves-creating for others and baking into my home bakery business.

5. For the last few years, I’ve run a very busy home custom cookie business.  It is definitely a balance I have learned with my sweets and sweet loved ones .  Over time I found teaching is another wonderful benefit as I share with others through my DIY Live Cookies group, my Thursday night facebook page tutorials and my In-Person classes I hold in the community.  Teaching others what I love to do, is an added bonus while helping them learn this amazing craft!

6. For me, this business is all about giving my customers an unforgettable experience (thus the name, Forget Me Not Cookies).  it is all about helping others, through the power of one cookie day-by-day, we can make an impact!  There are enough cookie lovers to go around and it is my joy to help you learn as well!

That about sums it up!   Just a few things about me to share, as we unfold more about life and baking together!

Make it an unforgettable day SWEETS!